The tasks of the regional services are the following:


  • to work on the files transmitted by the ONIS;
  • to elaborate, together with the beneficiary, a tailor-made activation plan as foreseen in article 16 of the REVIS law;
  • to organize the activation measures defined by article 17 of the law and laid down in the activation plan and to prepare the administrative documents;
  • to have regular contact with the person participating in an activation measure and the person responsible at the workplace in order to have the activity go well;
  • to make applicants and beneficiaries see the service de santé au travail multisectoriel (industrial medicine);
  • to administer the unfit for work certificates of beneficiaries of the activation allowance and, if necessary, to have beneficiaries controlled by experts appointed by the ONIS;
Last updated on 04/10/2022
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