The Regional Social Inclusion Agents (ARIS) are also part of the Social Office under the amended law of 28 July 2018 relating to social inclusion income.

This law provides for the installation of regional social inclusion agents (ARIS) within social offices since January 2019.

The ARIS work only by appointment with people who receive the REVIS, residing on the territory of one of the five municipalities and having been oriented by the National Office for Social Inclusion (ONIS).

The National Social Inclusion Office (ONIS) coordinates the action of the regional social inclusion agents (ARIS) in order to guarantee identical treatment of beneficiaries before the law. It ensures the correct application of the established guidelines and it also intervenes if the relationship between the beneficiary and the regional social inclusion officer risks becoming conflictual.

For more information about the social inclusion income or the role of the regional inclusion officer, please visit the following link:

Last updated on 04/10/2022
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